Shared Space

These areas are dedicated to Vivace, and contain Vivace-owned tooling and facilities.  Not shown is Building 411, Vivace's hydrostatic, pneumatic, and vacuum test facility for small tanks.  Vivace's dedicated resources include:

  • Large Universal Friction Stir Weld System
  • Large Pressure Vessel Proof Test Facility
  • Large Pressure Vessel Cleaning Facility
  • Small Tank/COPV Production Facility
  • Small Tank/COPV Test Facility
  • Assembly/Integration Area
  • Overhead Crane Coverage (38' hook height)
  • Machining Center
  • Automated Fusion Welding Systems

These areas contain shared resources that Vivace can use as demand requires.  This provides exceptional surge capability at drastically reduced pricing.  Vivace regularly uses the following shared resources:

  • Large Universal Friction Stir Weld Systems
  • Friction Stir Weld Development System
  • Large Fiber Placement Machine
  • Full Machine Shop
  • Large High-Speed 7-Axis Machining Center

Vivace Dedicated Space

Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF)

43 Acres of Space Age Manufacturing