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Requirements Definition, Concept Development, Design, Analysis, Verification, Test, and Delivery of:

  • Spaceflight System Integration and Assembly Tooling and Fixturing
  • Friction Stir and Fusion Weld Tooling and Fixturing
  • FrictionPressure and Load Test Tooling and Fixturing


Precision Tooling

Most of the spaceflight hardware Vivace produces requires precision tooling to support the manufacturing process.  Because of the direct relationship between the quality of the tooling and the quality and repeatability of our flight components and systems, a high priority has been placed on assembling a highly experienced precision tooling team.

We typically support all of our internal programs with in-house design of precision tooling, but also offer the experience and talent of our tooling development group to customers for design, analysis, and fabrication of tooling for external programs.


A Key Supporting Capability

Precision Tooling